Best Canton Handyman Projects List For Fall 2021

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As summer winds down and those chilly days are fast approaching, getting a head start on your Fall todo list isn’t a bad idea. Staying on top of your home and protecting your investment is the smart thing to do. Today, I’d like to discuss with you some common and important projects to keep your home in tip-top shape this Fall season. Your local Canton handyman will appreciate staying busy this Fall too ūüôā

Canton Handyman Projects List (Inside)

Here are the projects for the inside of your home:

  1. Inspect windows and doors for air leaks.
  2. Replace non-functioning doors.
  3. Replace attic stairs.
  4. Insulate your attic. (I recommend getting a home energy audit if you live in an older home or your energy bills seem unusually high. Here is a company to do just that.)

Of this list, I’d say the first to tackle would be to inspect your windows and doors. For doors, take a look around the perimeter of the door jamb when the door is closed. If you see any light peeking through, whether that be on the sides or on the bottom threshold, then air is getting in and you should have the door adjusted or weatherstripping added.

For windows, and more specifically, for double-hung windows like the one in the picture below, check where both sashes meet in the middle. This is a common place for air to get in. Weatherstripping may need to be replaced at the top rail of the bottom sash.

canton handyman double hung window

Your local Canton handyman is no stranger to those pesky attic stairs. The hardware can become disfigured after twenty years of use and prevent you from opening it. For safe and convenient access to your holiday decorations, it might be a good idea to get your attic stairs replaced with a newer model.

Lastly, insulating your attic is a great additional step for keeping the cold air out and warm air in. Getting an energy audit is a smart, preventative measure for older homes.

Canton Handyman Projects List (Outside)

The list of the best Canton handyman projects on the outside of your home include the following:

  1. Gutter cleaning.
  2. Gable vent repair/replacement.
  3. Setting up holiday decorations.
  4. Inspecting sealant around windows/doors.
  5. Filling cracks in brick/stone steps.
  6. Fence repairs.

As we move inside to stay warm in our comfortable abodes, unwanted critters look to do the same. A common entry point for squirrels and birds is the attic gable vents. I’ve seen these animals chew through wood, PVC, you name it! Ensuring your gable vents are secure and ideally made of metal will prevent pests from taking refuge in your attic.

If your brick or stone steps are cracked, this is an entry point for water to seep in, expand from freezing, and crack the steps further. Make sure to have the cracks sealed.

The cold weather can bring with it windy storms. To prevent further damage to your fence or having it blow over, give it a good inspection and make any necessary repairs.

Well, there you have it, the best Canton handyman projects for Fall 2021. I hope you found this guide helpful and a starting point for how you can better protect your home from the upcoming, chilly Michigan days. If you’d like help with any one of these projects or several, feel free to contact me by completing the form below.


– Matt the handyman

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