The Biggest Homeowner Frustration About Handymen

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There seems to be a universal problem among the handyman community and no matter who you are or what age, it is extremely frustrating.

The point of frustration is when you initially try contacting the handyman – where you’d expect the experience to be pleasant.

You call, send an email, or request an estimate through a form on their website.

After waiting three full days with no response, it seems like you sent a message into a black hole.

This leaves you with unanswered questions to your home needs, feelings of foolishness for even trying, and an annoying sense that the whole handyman industry is like this.

What’s more, even if you assume they are busy, they don’t even send a courtesy response letting you know.

This is very frustrating and all too common.

In these circumstances, usually what’s happening behind the scenes is that the handyman is overloaded with work.

He or she is swamped by the full work days in the field and is too tired at the end of the day to respond to customers.

This, however, is no excuse!

A business should be treated as such, one that provides you with support and responses to every call, text, or email regardless of how busy they are.

This leads us into a sub-frustration of the initial contact, which is the lack of a prompt response.

If the handyman finally does respond, it may be 2 or more days before you hear anything back.

Not only does this convey unprofessionalism, but it starts you off on the wrong foot.

A prompt response leaves you feeling heard, validated, and optimistic.

You feel like you’ve contacted a professional who is more than happy to help with your projects. 

At That’s Fixable, we understand that the timeliness of our response to your questions or estimate requests says a lot.

We don’t want you to feel like your email was lost in the abyss.

Therefore, as part of our value system, we dedicate ourselves to always responding quickly and in a courteous manner.

Click the “Get an Estimate” button below and give us a try!

Thanks for reading, we hope you found this helpful. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, feel free to leave a comment below.

-Matt Perry

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