Split Door Jamb Repair

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splintered section of a front door jamb

What you see here is a splintered front door jamb as a result of the door being pushed in too hard.

There are basically two ways of approaching this repair:

  1. Replace the whole door jamb
  2. Try repairing the broken section

 I chose number two and the repair came out great.

split section of wood on a door that was cut out

The first step was to remove the weather stripping and then to cut the splintered section out – about 1-2 inches above and below the split.

I did this using a multi-tool with a wood cutting blade attachment. A circular saw came in handy also, which I used to rip the longer vertical cut.

cracked door jamb that has been replaced with a new piece

I then fashioned a new piece to fit in the opening.

This piece was cut a bit longer to allow for a tight fit, which was then glued and screwed in place.

Later, I caulked the screw holes to blend everything together.

split section of wood on a door jamb replaced with a new piece

From there, I used a router to cut the recesses for the door hardware.

I then caulked the new piece to make the repair as seamless as possible and once dry, painted it to match the rest of the door frame.

split door jamb section repaired with a new piece

Finally, I reinstalled the weather stripping and nailed the trim that had come loose back in place.

The door looks good as new and you can hardly tell where the split was!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed learning about this project.

If you have any questions about this project or need help with a similar project, feel free to reach out to me!

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  1. That’s good to know that there are a couple of ways to fix a broken door jamb. My son recently slammed the door to his room and broke the door jamb. We’ll probably have to get the whole door frame replaced since the crack extends from the bottom of the frame to the top. We’ll have to find a professional to do it since we don’t have the equipment, though.

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