5 Common Door Repairs in Canton, MI

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Door repairs in North Andover, MA

Are you a homeowner living in Canton and need a door repair? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Doors are tricky and often the cause of the problem isn’t obvious. In this article, I’d like to discuss some of the most common door repairs that I see homeowners in Canton calling me for.

1. Broken or cracked door jamb

Of all the door repairs in Canton, MI I’ve seen this is by far the most common.

Here is a quick anatomy of a door jamb to give you a better idea of what your issue might be.

The jamb is the enclosure that the door sits in. It wraps around the door and is made up of a header that sits on top, two sides of the jamb, and a threshold at the bottom.

When you shut the door the door handle or knob latches into what’s called the strike plate. The is the rectangular piece of metal usually a brushed nickel or brass finish which is attached to the side jamb.

A thin strip of wood rests in the middle of the side jambs and header and acts as a stop where the door rests once closed. In the corner of the stop is where you run weatherstripping around to seal out drafts on exterior doors.

The depth or width of the jamb is typically 4-5/8″ wide but the section where the door rests when it’s closed is about 1-1/2″. That small of width combined with the fact that most door jambs are made from pine doesn’t give it a whole lot of strength.

Over time if the door is repeatedly slammed or purposefully rammed into (in the case of a disgruntled homeowner who finds themselves locked out) will fracture the jamb.

I’ve seen this type of repair enough for it to be pretty common in the Canton area. What’s more, if it is your front door that’s cracked it can pose a security issue.

If you’re wondering if this can be fixed without replacing the whole jamb. Good news, It can!

Typically in these situations, the line of the crack extends 6-12 inches which isn’t too much damage. How I approach this repair is first by squaring off the crack, cutting out the rectangular piece of wood, and finally replacing it with a new piece.

It’s actually quite simple and strong! Once it is caulked and painted it looks as if nothing ever happened!

I’m told by homeowners that most companies will try to get them to replace the whole door including sidelights which is unnecessary.

I prefer you to keep your existing door. That way, you save a bunch of money and don’t have to deal with the headache of making a decision on a new door.

2. Sticking doors

This door repair is especially common when the warmer weather comes.

Wood is a porous material that absorbs humidity in the air. When this happens, the wood grain swells turning you’re once smoothly operating door into a floor scratching monster.

It can sometimes be so bad that you can’t even open the door. I’ve gotten called for this so many times, but I enjoy it.

This fix is carried out by taking the door off its hinges which is a quick process if you’ve got the right tools. If you’ve got a screwdriver or nail set those work perfectly. A hammer is a necessity too.

Give the screwdriver a tap or two while holding it against the bottom of the hinge pin and it’ll pop right up. Do this for the number of hinges you have and the door is yours.

From there, I take the door outside and set it up on a couple of sawhorses. Next, I determine how much I should trim off the bottom and draw a straight line. I run some painter’s tape across the line and score it with my utility knife.

This starts the cut for me and that combined with the tape act to protect against wood splitting on the door. Finally, I run my circular saw along the line, sand it smooth, and pop the door back on its hinges.

For this type of service, you’ll want to hire a handyman. It is a small job that should take 30-60 minutes. Therefore, it will only run you about $150.

3. Squeaky door hinges

This is just a matter of lubricating the mechanical components. A spritz of WD-40 will do just fine. The oil penetrates all the tiny crevices and helps prevent further rust.

It’s good to periodically do this to extend the life of your door hardware. I’d recommend lumping this type of job in with other door repairs you might have so you get the most bang for your buck.

4. Screen door closer repair

If you have a storm or screen door you will either have one or two-door closers depending on the manufacturer.

One is attached at the top and the other at the bottom. Over time, the piston loses lubrication which is necessary to keep it operating smoothly inside the main body. These closers can become rusted or lose. After all, they are holding a lot of weight each time the door closes.

A problem I’ve seen a lot of Canton homeowners deal with is that the wind whips their door open and bends the piston of the closer.

To prevent this it’s good to inspect your storm door every so often to make sure when it closes behind you it’s actually latching closed.

Again for this type of job, you’ll want a handyman who knows his way around doors. If you’re having issues with your door closers it’s usually in your best interest to replace them.

They aren’t too expensive at the hardware store and are worthwhile to make sure your door closes properly.

Just say on the phone that your storm door isn’t closing properly, a large part of the time the door closers need to be adjusted.

5. Bifold door adjustment

Bifold doors are engineered so well in my opinion, they are cleverly designed and every year manufacturers come out with simpler mechanical components.

Most importantly, it makes things easier for the professional to install and easier for you to adjust to your liking.

Again a handyman is a perfect person for this job.

Normally adjustments to modern bifold doors are easy. As a result, most adjustments can be done in 1-2 hours or less.

There you have it! The 5 most common door repairs in Canton, MI I’ve seen. I hope this has helped you gain more knowledge of the components of a door. What’s more, hopefully, you can accurately describe your issue to a home repair professional. Likewise, my goal was to inform you as to how long some of these jobs take and the associated costs.

If you are in need of door repairs in your home, don’t hesitate to call or text me. I’d be happy to help!

Matthew Perry

Handyman Professional

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